Develop long-lasting relationships with a TAP.
Make an impression, network with ease, be swift with data capture, manage leads and save costs.
Three Good Reasons to get Groww 10X cards
Some call it a Smart Business Card, but it does more.
10x your networking outcomes.
  • Smooth AF
    Groww 10x cards is a tool that is designed to help cannabis businesses streamline their connections, and keep customers, connections, and partners up to date.
  • Free QR code
    For the basic smartphone that do nor read NFC chips, we help them move fast with a QR code. Businesses can keep pace with the ever-changing digital landscape and ensure that their customers have the latest information about their products and services.
  • Affordable AF
    When you 10x - we win. We're getting this to you at a 7% profit margin - save you the time of figuring out the supply chain, quality, and mechanics.
Built with the reliable tech.
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Buy one card and get one free
Groww 10x card is priced at $42 including one QR code, and one Groww 10x chip, + we'll set you up with a powerful CRM.
  • A card with a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip
    Using NFC technology, customers can simply scan a chip embedded in your business card using their phone, and receive a notification with a link to your Groww 10x experience.
  • A card with Digital Integrations
    Groww 10x card features: "Business info", "Call now" and "Add Contact" buttons, "Hours" section, Social links, "Video", "Website link", "Photo Gallery", "Custom Link". Helping businesses streamline online presence and keep customers, connections and partners updated.
  • A card that gives you a boost
    Your customers, connections, and partners will always have the most up-to-date information with the ability to update your site easily, including daily specials, seasonal sales, and new contact information or locations. No need to reprint your cards, updating your information with Vistaconnect is as simple as a few clicks.
Level up your team, company, and IRL events.
Personalize Groww 10X cards for your business, retail stores and events.
CRM & Analytics
We connect your leads in an easy-to-use CRM. This makes it easy to follow up and manage connections built in a fast-paced environment.
10x Marketing
Make your posters, magazines, flyers, and way-finding signs into digital touchpoints. Your merchandise & marketing collaterals are now smart.
Save costs
According to various studies and reports, the average cost for a company to produce and distribute paper business cards for its employees is around $194 per employee, per year.
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