Groww Inc, is a community of growers, agriculturists, geologists, environmentalists, and investors that are interested in sustainable farming and its culture. The platform enables growers, buyers, sellers, teachers, learners, or anyone looking for consultation on the future of farming & the broader aspects.

The platform is a knowledge bank and e-commerce enabled.

Our journey with Cannabis

Generally, the innovation in the cannabis technology industry has been slow and tricky due to its ban in most countries.

At Groww Inc, we strive to build a better understanding of the impacts induced by cannabis & cultivation. This improved understanding can benefit communities, including policymakers, cannabis industry stakeholders, agricultural engineers, ecologists, and environmental scientists.

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Let’s Talk Cannabis

Why Starting A Marijuana Business Is So Hard in the US

Starting a weed business isn't easy. It can take $1 million in startup capital to even get a license. And to keep a cannabis business going? That means jumping through complicated regulation hoops.

If they can play the game right, cannabis entrepreneurs could be set up for success in an exploding marijuana industry. But with weed still federally illegal, companies could face fines or jail time if they don't follow the rules.

BI visited three companies in Colorado and Oregon to see how they're dealing with the ever-changing regulations.

Could things get easier if weed becomes federally legal?


Maya is your interface to interact with DAV.

DAV is Data of Value, is unique and cannot be interchangeable. At times, we consider a DAV as Digital Assets of Value.

This means that they have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content and can be used for everything from buying and selling art, exclusive content, gated community access, and more.

There are many benefits of using DAV, including:

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