The Definitive Guide for Content Compliance: Cannabis
Hold yourself and your brand to a higher standard when promoting and advertising cannabis.
Safeguard your brand values
Be Insightful
Futureproof your brand
We’re powerful. The internet is exploding with digital media platforms, community tools, and the ability to communicate about cannabis with a global audience.
Our ability to leverage these tools demands great responsibility. As a cannabis stakeholder and an advocate - your spidey sense should tingle. The status quo is unpleasant.
We must seek a standard to communicate the value of cannabis, and your brand to deliver a positive roadmap for the next generation. At Groww Inc this is our well-researched and intensive attempt to deliver you - a cannabis stakeholder - a guidebook to promote Cannabis and your Cannabis brand on the internet.

The guide is curated from the best insights, and experts and aims to follow an unbiased approach toward self-regulation.

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Let’s remember the Cannabis community, culture and content aren’t going anywhere.
In our understanding, legalization in the Americas is driven by three values:
  • protecting youth,
  • mitigating illegal profits through criminalized sales,
  • and protecting public health and safety.
As we wait for federal legalization in the US - we acknowledge there is no systematic monitoring or enforcement for cannabis advertising & promotion.

Social media platforms and digital communities work within environments that are aware of the international impact of cannabis content - from the ease of access to online media and downstream consequences of unregulated promotion. This calls for a conscious approach for cannabis brands and advocates as thought-leaders in the Cannabis industry - we’re digging the foundation.

We’re early. We set a higher standard.
We self-regulate as we take the center stage.
An introduction to understanding the influence of cannabis advertising & promotions.
Cannabis legalization is a recent phenomenon with important benefits. We can box our approach to regulated categories and follow similar marketing paths of alcohol, tobacco, and electronic cigarette products. This may irk a few sensibilities, so let’s acknowledge that the cannabis industry is a dual role within the medical and recreational industries.

We’re in a future that was never planned - we struggle with a paucity of evidence to guide policy. This alone must foster a sense of unity within our community and address this complexity when developing our communication as a cannabis brand & marketer.

Today, Cannabis promotion is the subject of global health policy discourse amid jurisdictional legalization within the past decade.

Overtime, this guide aims to be a blueprint and resource for our mindful approach toward the cannabis discourse in the Americas and globally.
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