Creating your own NFT collection is broken down into four main parts.
Groww Inc offers NFT as a Service
The art, metadata and rarities, smart contract, and the minting website.
The Groww NFT offering is the technology and partner you need to help you build, promote, and manage your NFT and digital collectibles project in the cannabis industry.
If you are an artist and you create your own artwork for your NFT collection, then you can save yourself $60 to $500 during the creation process. Otherwise, hiring a freelance NFT artist on Fiverr will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 for a base character, plus an additional $12 per trait if you want multiple variations of your NFT.
Metadata and rarities:
NFT metadata is the content and the description of the content described in the contract stored on the blockchain. Included in the metadata are the rarities. Depending on how many different variations of traits your NFT collection has, certain NFTs will have different rarities. The metadata is an important part of any NFT. It basically acts as the ‘contract’ or ‘terms’ of each individual NFT. Metadata integration generally costs between $150 to $500 depending on the number of traits your NFT collection has.
Smart contract:
The smart contract includes all the coding necessary to allow your NFT collection to be minted on the blockchain. The smart contract is crucial for your NFT collection to function, hence why the average cost to hire someone to create a smart contract is around $500.
Minting website:
If you don’t plan on using an NFT marketplace to mint your NFT collection, then you are going to need your own minting website. The website will act as a landing page where buyers come to initially purchase (mint) your NFT collection. The average cost to hire someone to create a minting website runs from $500 to $1,000.
We offer the easiest onboarding and user experience for both first-time buyers and the more crypto-savvy.
Cannabis companies have been inquiring about how they can leverage non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to generate revenue in the cannabis industry. These companies are aware that NFTs are a component of the larger Web3 ecosystem, which shares similarities with the marijuana industry.
An end-to-end solution
Easily manage each step of the journey, from the creation and design of your NFTs, to issuance on your branded marketplace, to sales, and secondary trading.
A white label platform
Customize, and set up your cannabis NFT project and marketplace in your image
An expert team at your service
Flexibility to run everything yourself, or leverage our unrivaled experience throughout the journey.
Our expertise with NFTs as a Service
  • 1
    NFT creation and issuance
    Providing services for creating and issuing unique digital assets on blockchain technology
  • 2
    NFT marketplace development and management
    Building and managing an online platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.
  • 3
    NFT collection development and curation -
    Developing and curating unique collections of NFTs for a specific audience or theme.
  • 4
    NFT-based cannabis product development and sales
    Creating and selling cannabis-related products, such as strains or concentrates, as NFTs.
  • 5
    NFT-based cannabis content creation and distribution
    Producing and distributing cannabis-related content, such as videos, images, and articles, as NFTs
  • 6
    NFT-based cannabis experiences and events -
    Offering unique cannabis-related experiences, such as virtual or physical events, as NFTs.
  • 7
    NFT-based cannabis education and training
    Providing educational and training resources, such as courses or webinars, on cannabis-related topics as NFTs.
  • 8
    NFT-based cannabis research and consulting
    Conducting research and providing consulting services on cannabis-related topics, such as market trends or regulatory compliance, as NFTs.
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