The Genie Is The Bottle
The genius that is nature. Trust nature to do something wonderful for us, even when it is not doing anything particular, like storing water.
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For millennia, copper has quietly been infusing the water stored in copper bottles and containers, with health and wellness.
Elixir to Good Health
Copper bottles are known to offer health benefits, such as improving the digestive system, helping break down fat better, regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, improving the absorption of iron in the bloodstream, and much more.
The Copper Story
Copper bottles positively charge the water stored in it. Copper bottles have a sterilizing effect on the water stored in them. They are known to neutralize bacteria commonly found in water, such as E.coli and S.aureus.
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Carry & Go
It is easy to carry, easy to clean and is leak proof. They don't have any plastic at all, and environment-friendly as well.
Designed for Gifting
Our copper bottles are manufactured under stringent manufacturing standards and quality checks. They can double up as objects d'art as well as make great gifts.
Experience Better
Go for the Groww Copper Bottle this season, and infuse your lifestyle with goodness.
Unlock the secrets of storing water in Copper.
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The Groww Copper Bottle
The Groww copper bottle is a handcrafted, artisanal creation. Made of pure copper, it has a distinctive look and a contemporary design.
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