1st Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit
1 June, 2024 / SOHO, New York, USA
What to expect at the Cannabis Private Investment Summit?
The 1st Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit taking place in NYC on March 10th will bring together industry experts, entrepreneurs, and government enforcement officials to discuss the critical topics that investors should consider when evaluating opportunities in the cannabis space.
  • A deep dive into the legal and regulatory environment for cannabis investments
    The legal and regulatory environment for cannabis investments varies depending on the jurisdiction. In the United States, cannabis is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law, but several states have legalized its use for medical or recreational purposes. This creates a complex legal landscape for businesses operating in the cannabis industry, as well as for investors looking to put money into cannabis-related companies.
  • A look at the most attractive and sustainable business models for cannabis investments
    The cannabis industry offers several business models for investments such as cultivation and production, retail and dispensaries, ancillary businesses, biotech and pharmaceuticals, and real estate and infrastructure. These businesses range from growing and producing cannabis, operating storefronts for purchasing cannabis products, providing goods and services to the cannabis industry, researching and developing new products based on cannabis compounds, and investing in real estate and infrastructure for the cannabis industry.
  • Strategies for navigating the risks of investing in the cannabis industry
    Strategies for navigating the risks of investing in the cannabis industry include understanding the legal and regulatory environment, diversifying investments, conducting thorough due diligence, investing in well-established companies, being prepared for volatility, keeping an eye on future developments, and consulting with experts. These strategies can help investors to better understand and manage the risks associated with investing in the cannabis industry, and potentially make more informed investment decisions.
  • Insights from industry experts on evaluating opportunities
    Industry experts recommend evaluating several factors when considering opportunities in the cannabis industry, such as market size and growth potential, the strength of the management team, financials, brand and reputation, licensing and compliance, diversification, scalability and innovation.
Meet the host
  • Alet Viegas
    CEO, Groww.ca
Alet leads a team of cannabis professionals and legacy market leaders who are keen on new technologies and making a positive impact to the plant. His past experience includes deploying products for multinational companies, government organizations & non-profits - MTV India, Barclays Bank, Fujitsu, Reserve Bank of India, Habitat for Humanity Canada, ICICI bank.

He is a solutions architect and functioned in leadership positions at multiple startups in the recent past. His experience across different business environments & industries provides him with expert know-how and a unique perspective in auditing & delivering efficient processes to positive growth across the board.
Summit enrollment fee
Enrollment before the 1st June, 2024 the fee is $420.
After this date, the fee will be $840
Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from the best and make informed investment decisions in the cannabis industry. The 1st Annual Cannabis Private Investment Summit is open to high-net-worth investors and family offices only. Reserve your spot today.
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