We offer an innovative solution that integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into your brand's apparel, transforming each piece into a unique conversation starter and a powerful marketing tool.
NFC-Enabled Apparel: The Future of Brand Interaction
Our NFC chips are discreetly embedded under the tag of each apparel item, bearing your brand's signature symbols. Unnoticeable and non-intrusive, these chips can be situated in various locations on the apparel based on your brand's preference.
Foster Positive Interactions
With NFC-enabled apparel, you're not just providing a wearable item; you're facilitating meaningful interactions. Whether your customers are engaging with friends or new acquaintances, the NFC chip serves as a unique conversation starter. After a pleasant exchange, individuals can tap the NFC chip, which directs their smartphone to a specific product page on your website, providing comprehensive information about the item, including a detailed description and additional photos.
Amplify Your Brand's Message
Wearing your branded apparel not only invites compliments but also provides an opportunity for your customers to share and explain the philosophy behind your brand. The NFC chip facilitates this process, making it a seamless part of your brand interactions.
Experience the Future of Brand Interaction
Join us in revolutionizing the way brands interact with their customers.
Connect with Your Community
By choosing your NFC-enabled apparel, your customers become members of your brand's community. This membership allows them to be part of a positive community, share smiles and beliefs, and inspire others.
NFC: Connecting Your Brand to the Digital World
NFC is a wireless connectivity technology that enables contactless communication between a reader and a tag. By incorporating an NFC tag, we connect your products to the digital world. This technology allows you to track your products globally, ensure their authenticity, and establish a direct two-way communication channel with consumers via their smartphones.
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By choosing Groww 10x, you're choosing a brand that is committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We're not just creating NFC-enabled apparel; we're setting the industry standard for hardware-software integration.
Our favorite brands share their impressions on Groww tech. Got one? Leave a review!
  • Flow Entertainment has always been known for its unforgettable experiences, but its collaboration with Groww 10x has added a new dimension to its events. By incorporating NFC-enabled apparel, they've created a unique, interactive element that attendees love. This innovative use of technology has further solidified Eric's Event Company as a leader in the event planning industry.

    Jane Weber, an Entertainment consultants review of Flow Entertainment
  • Blair New York's adoption of Groww 10x's NFC-enabled apparel has taken their innovative designs to the next level. The integration of NFC chips into their clothing line has not only enhanced the uniqueness of their pieces but also created a dynamic way for customers to interact with the brand. This forward-thinking approach truly sets Blair New York apart in the fashion industry.
    Fashion marketing consultant that interacted with the Blair Brand
  • Subway Musician's adoption of Groww 10x's NFC-enabled apparel has revolutionized the way they connect with their audience. The NFC chips allow fans to interact with the collective in a new and exciting way, deepening their connection with the artists. This innovative approach to audience engagement has further solidified Subway Musician as a trailblazer in the New York City music scene.
    Eric Cardinali,
  • Wow! Wow! If you want something outstanding in your marketing arsenal, EB is like an advantage factory.
    Claudio Naval, Entrepreneur
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