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The Groww NFT business model is focused on using blockchain technology to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of cannabis products.
A pilot program - 80 collectible NFTs available in February 2023, with the ability to scale up to 420 utility NFTs every month starting April 2023.
Did you know?
Collectible NFTs are NFTs that have a value based on rarity, uniqueness or other attributes and can be bought, sold or traded like traditional collectibles.
Utility NFTs are NFTs that have a specific function or use case and can be used to represent ownership, access or proof of authenticity.
Cannabis is still a highly regulated and controversial industry, and laws vary from state to state. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations in this model.
NFT's for your business
Buy art, music and fashion inspired by Cannabis influencers and brands.
Access workshops, training programs and events that are relevant to the cannabis industry.
Access technology that you can deploy to make your business efficient, private and transparent.
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Our NFT roadmap offers value in various forms such as:
  • Cool photo shots of cannabis plants and flower collections that can be made by photographers
  • Unusual and conceptual drawings and images of cannabis created by graphic designers
  • Cannabis training courses in the form of PDF presentations and images
  • Know-how, instructions on how to make something with your own hands
  • Interesting cannabis itineraries for cannabis-curious and travelers in the form of images on maps
  • Rare cannabis clippings and quotes from newspapers and magazines
  • Commemorative cannabis tickets to events
  • Autographs of cannabis celebrities
What is an NFT
Scientists around the world want to find out. The plastic “end-of-life challenge” calls for new ways to recycle and reuse plastics endlessly in a closed loop system, so they never become waste. Innovation on that scale would convert the current “make-take-dispose” linear economy into a circular economy, where recycling plastic for eternity is possible. One scientist has made a significant advancement
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NFT 101
What are #sayless capabilities?
#sayless NFT can offer several capabilities for the cannabis industry. Some of the key capabilities include:
  1. Provenance and traceability
  2. Ownership and provenance
  3. Digital Collectibles
  4. Educational purposes
  5. Marketing

Professionals and leaders to advance a positive future for the plant #sayless
#Sayless NFT holder revenue
For collectible NFTs, we are offering our industry partners - 20% to 30% of our revenue on our NFT collection sales, while Groww collects 70%-80% of revenue.
For Utility NFT sales, Groww is charging its partners on a per-unit basis, #sayless NFT holders are compensated for every unit that has an NFT attached to it.
The #sayless NFT business model is a win-win, because our profit is made on meaningful connections, and our NFT service does not currently cost our partners any money upfront.
#sayless features
Our economic model is based on our ability to efficiently scan cannabis products into our protocol and issue them as collectibles or utility NFTs.
No. 1
A private online discussion board for members to share experiences and advice.
No. 2
Discounted prices on cannabis-related services and products
No. 3
A comprehensive list of resources on best practices in the industry.
No. 4
Occasional exclusive webinars with industry experts.
No. 5
Regional meetups for members to network and learn.
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