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Achieving Audit-Ready Sanitation: A Guide to an Effective Sanitation Program for the Cannabis, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries

Let’s talk Sanitation…
A robust sanitation program is one of the most crucial elements for maintaining product quality and preventing cross-contamination which could otherwise lead to costly recalls. Thus, it is important to be audit ready with an effective sanitation program.
The sanitation program should be:
Clearly and concisely written and should include a master sanitation schedule, sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs), and specific forms to document the sanitation activities.
More often than not, we have seen sanitation programs that are either too complex or cover very little information. It is important to write a customized sanitation program based on your operation’s requirements.
A sanitation program should be easy to follow and should not include more than 3-4 cleaning/sanitizing agents. Read the safety data sheet of all chemicals carefully to ensure that the cleaning/sanitizing agents used are not reactive to the applied surfaces.
At CanSat Consulting, we have written numerous sanitation programs and helped companies optimize their sanitation activities, thus saving costs and labor. We provide quality, regulatory, and licensing services to the cannabis, food, and pharmaceutical industries.
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