Harnessing the power of each of the four senses that interact with cannabis — Appearance, Aroma, Flavor, and Experience — The NFT data reflects the interactive journey of a cannabis user on a robustly curated set of well-defined criteria.
The Groww platform features a user-generated strain review NFT. The NFT is attached to a digital collectible and accessed via a digital journal.

The NFT meta data leverages User feedback and captures a User Score - to create a digital journal for cannabis users to collect and document their experiences with different strains and products.

The smart contract titled "Groww Journal" allows users to create a personalized profile, and browse different NFT collections representing cannabis strains, brands, and communities with the ability to add them to their digital journal. The NFTs are designed to visually represent the different strains and brands with high-quality images and detailed descriptions of their properties and effects. The User Score and other relevant information about the strain will be included in the metadata of each NFT.

Users can rate and review the strain based on their personal experience, and the application will aggregate this information to provide an overall User Score for each strain.

The User Score is based on the criteria of Appearance, Aroma, Flavor, and Experience tailored to the everyday cannabis user.
Users browse and search for NFTs based on different criteria, such as strain type, User Score, and user rating. The application allows users to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts and share their experiences and recommendations.
Overall, the Groww Strain Review NFT application would allow cannabis enthusiasts to discover and discuss high-quality cannabis products that have been certified using standardized and respected criteria.
The goal of Groww Journal is to provide a fun and interactive way for cannabis users to explore and document the many different strains and products available, while also learning about cannabis and connecting with a community of like-minded individuals.

The NFTs will serve as collectibles that users can trade and exchange with others, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

It would also create a new way for certified connoisseurs to promote their services and connect with potential customers.
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The Strain review platform allows your customer to collect and document experiences with different strains and products, while also learning about their properties and effects through detailed NFTs
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