Made for emerging cannabis leaders. Members only.
A professional social club for emerging cannabis leaders to level up and live better in recent legal markets. Our community is made up of founders, engineers, investors, and others who are building the future of cannabis.

Groww House Community Pass
An exclusive membership program designed to help early-stage cannabis startups and entrepreneurs accelerate growth and build a successful cannabis business.
The program provides access to exclusive workshops, events, resources, and tools that help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals. In addition, the members have access to a range of exclusive partner benefits, such as discounts on office space and tools, access to a network of mentors and investors, and more.

We offer exclusive, invitation-only experiences for CEOs, presidents, and founders dedicated to advancing the cannabis industry.
exclusive access to Groww house events
As a pass holder, you’ll get IRL access to some of the most interesting people in the cannabis world and form authentic, non-transactional relationships.
Groww house hosts frequent events at our clubhouse in Soho and around NYC - we have planned events in Austin, Vegas, and Miami. Your community pass gives you preferred access to events each month.
Groww House Events
We reserve spots at many of our events for community pass holders. Other events are entirely members-only.
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What else happens at the Groww House?
At Groww Inc, we strive to build a better understanding of the impacts induced by cannabis & cultivation. This improved understanding can benefit communities, including policymakers, cannabis industry stakeholders, agricultural engineers, ecologists, and environmental scientists.
Two to Three days
Actionable cohort-based courses hosted by Groww house and taught by leaders in the cannabis, tech, and advocacy. Sprints are run through the Groww house apps + metaverse, and last between two to three days.
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#Sayless collection
$420 per NFT
#sayless is a limited edition NFT collection that aims to demonstrate the use of cutting-edge technology to impact & have a positive benefit for the cannabis industry.
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NFT as a Service
Members only
We provide the tools and support necessary to develop, market, and oversee your NFT and digital collectible venture. Whether you're looking to create a unique digital experience for your audience, launch your inaugural NFT collection, or establish a personal NFT marketplace, we have the resources to help you achieve your goals.
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